As a serious BBQ fanatic I find the competition barbecue rib to the the best chicken rub I have ever used. I have not tried any of the other sucklebuster rubs, but for poultry I have not found anything even close.
Ian Wilson
I'm the head pit master for LANG BBQ Smokers. I compete all over the country ans=d I've found that hog waller works on pork and ribs no matter where we are cooking . this is the rub that has helped us take many first place calls in ribs and pork. If you want to up your game look no further this is the best there is.
Darryl Strickland
Greatest way to bring the “Taste of Texas” home.
Steve, Big Papa’s
I have tried other rubs and none of them can hold a candle to Sucklebusters. I have purchased numerous seasonings and I love them all, but i use SPG on everything! Hogwaller honey is the bomb on my pulled pork and my ribs. 1836 on my briskets is outstanding! I am adventuring out and trying the pinto beans seasoning next for some great hamd and beans and I cant wait. I say all the great things about the seasonings, but I cant say enough about the owners Dan and Cheryl. I have been to a couple of classes with them and the knowledge I get from the classes are valuable. I am a forever customer to Sucklebusters! Keep up the great products! Don B
Don B
SuckleBuster has got it RIGHT! From the steer, to the pig, to the bird. It's all smokn'! Cant go wrong. Bring Texas to your neck of the woods.
Steve, Big Papa's Smoke Shack

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