Peach BBQ Sauce


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Peach BBQ SaucePeach BBQ Sauce
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Peach BBQ Sauce in our 12 oz bottle, sweet and mild. 

Peach BBQ Sauce is made with real peaches. We use tree-ripened peaches as a base for this light-hearted sauce. The sauce has a sweet and slightly smoky flavor with a slight touch of heat. Its like a lighter version of our Original BBQ Sauce and is excellent on white meats like fish, chicken and pork. Several Competition BBQ cooks use this sauce for glazing ribs before turn-in. Also works well as a finishing sauce or dipping sauce. The light flavor and sweetness of the peaches really comes through with a subtle, but great, BBQ flavor. This sauce is sure to be your favorite. All natural - No Bad Stuff.

Ingredients: Peaches, water, brown sugar, pure cane sugar, natural smoke flavor, salt, spices and xanthan gum. NO MSG.


Peach Glazed Smoked Turkey

Smoked turkey leg with peach glaze

1 18 - 20 lb fresh turkey, thawed
1 Cup Clucker Dust BBQ Rub
1 Cup Salt
1 Gallon Water
1 bag of ice
1836 BBQ Rub
Peach BBQ Sauce
5 Gallon Bucket

BBQ Turkey Recipe Fresh Butterball

Step 1: Wash and brine the turkey

Remove all additional internal parts; heart, neck, kidneys...ect and discard. 
Wash the turkey with cold water, set aside to dry. 
Add the Clucker Dust and Salt to the 5 gallon bucket. 
Add 4 - 6 cups warm water and stir until dissolved.
Fill the 5 gallon bucket about 1/3 full with cold water.    
Add the turkey with the drum sticks pointing up, make sure it is fully covered by water.  
Top off the 5 gallon bucket with ice. 
Cover and store refrigerator overnight. 

Brine turkey yeti 5 gallon loadout bucket

Step 2 Clean, Spatchcock and season the turkey
Remove the turkey from the bucket, rinse with cold water and pat dry. 
Discard water/ice mixture. 
Place the turkey on a cutting board breast side down. 
Using a large butcher knife, slice down either side of the backbone, through to the inner cavity.
Remove the backbone and discard.
(optional) Cut through thick end of breast bone. This will help the turkey lay flat. 
Spread-out and flatten the turkey, then season the turkey on both sides using 1836 BBQ Rub.

Spatchcock a turkey  

Spatchcock the turkey prep for smoking

Step 3 Prepare the grill and cook the turkey
Set the Traeger Grill to the smoke setting, open lid fully.
When you see smoke, close the lid, and adjust the temperature setting to 325 degrees. 
Place the turkey in the cooking chamber, skin side up.
Cook turkey until the internal temperature reaches at least 165 degrees in the thick part of each breast.
Glaze the turkey the last 30 minutes of cooking with the Peach BBQ Glaze. 

Smoked turkey ready for the Traeger

Step 4 Rest, Carve and Serve 
Allow the turkey to rest for about 15 - 30 minutes before carving. 
Trim off legs and wings first, then slice breasts diagonally.
Serve and enjoy! 

Peach glazed BBQ Turkey served

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Award winner
Reviewed by
Great sauce that is a proven winner for chicken and pork. Nice peach taste witha lil kick, not too thick and makes the meat shine as well.
American Royal
Reviewed by
I wanted to thank you for the sauce I used at the American Royal. I also wanted to let you know that your spicy peach was the sauce used on the 2nd place pork butt category in the invitational part of the cook off. 175 teams competed in the invitational. Once again thank you.

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