Texas GunPowder

Texas GunPowder

Texas GunPowder Original Jalapeno Powder .5 oz

Texas GunPowder is our #1 selling jalapeno powder and it now comes in this...

Texas GunPowder Original Jalapeno Powder 2.75 oz

Pure ground jalapeno peppers.

Chipotle Pepper Powder 3.5 oz

Texas GunPowder Chipotle Pepper Powder - The best selling spicy seasoning in...

Habanero Pepper Powder 2.5 oz

Pure Habanero Pepper Powder - ITS SUPER HOT! This is for those who like it...

Habanero Pepper Powder .3 oz

Texas GunPowder Habanero Pepper Powder Keg - It may be small, but it packs a...

Ghost Pepper Powder 2.5 oz

Pure Bhut Jolikia - Ghost Pepper Powder - Once called the "Hottest Pepper in...

Texas GunPowder Seasoning - Texas GunPowder is the Original jalapeno powder. 100% pure ground jalapenos. This world famous jalapeno powder was very popular in the 90's until the founder of the company, Whit "Pappy" Pinnell, passed away. SuckleBusters recently acquired the rights to produce the spicy powder again. We are very proud to bring back Texas GunPowder in the original formula, pure ground jalapeno powder. There is only one original Texas GunPowder and this is it!"The Original" Green Jalapeno "The Original", made from 100% pure ground jalapenos peppers. This product has nice level of heat and a sweet flavor. Use in place of black pepper. Watch out it's hot and it's addicting! Red Jalapeno Very similar to The Original but red in color. This works well when you want a bright red contrast on foods. It is hot and sweet.  Chipotle Pepper These are ripened and smoked jalapeno peppers. The smokiness adds a nice complexity to the flavor of the jalapenos and work well on the grill. It also provides a pleasing aroma.  Habanero Pepper For those who like it INSANELY HOT! This is pure ground habanero peppers which are 40 times hotter than the average jalapeno peppers! Only for those who can stand extreme heat!   There have been many folks copy this recipe but there is only one Original and this is it! Texas Gunpowder is available in Original Recipe, Red Jalapeno Pepper, Chipotle Pepper and Habanero Pepper flavors.