2014 Interview with Hot Sauce Depot

Hot Sauce Depot Interviews Dan From SuckleBusters For December’s ‘Seasoned Spotlight’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fort Worth, TX-December 10, 2014—SuckleBusters was selected to be featured in Hot Sauce Depot’s ‘Seasoned Spotlight’ column, a monthly blog that highlights influential brands an individuals in the food industry. 

Owner Dan Arnold spoke with blogger Mary Polakovic about SuckleBusters’ origin, background, products, and more. “I wanted to talk with Dan because SuckleBusters has a strong reputation for high-quality rubs, sauces, and salsas,” Polakovic explained. “This is the first blog in the ‘Seasoned Spotlight’ series, and so it also seemed appropriate to kick things off with a Texas-based company since I’m a Texan as well!” 

In the interview, Arnold shares the history of SuckleBusters and discusses some of their products. He also talks about the Texas BBQ Forum, which is an online resource for barbecuing that boasts over 5,000 members. 

For the entire interview, please visit http://www.hotsaucedepot.com/Seasoned-Spotlight-SuckleBusters.aspx. 

About Hot Sauce Depot: An online provider of hot sauce and other fiery foods since 2008, Hot Sauce Depot strives to be your top source for all things spicy. Their blog regularly includes product reviews, recipe suggestions, tips and tricks, interviews, and more. http://www.hotsaucedepot.com/ 

About SuckleBusters: Founded in 2006, SuckleBusters makes all natural BBQ seasonings, sauces, salsa, jelly, and more. Based in Texas, their award-winning products are sold by over 350 gourmet food and specialty retailers across the United States. http://www.sucklebusters.com/