2008 National BBQ News

This article was originally printed in The National BBQ News, March 2008 edition, by Red Todd.

I was contacted in January by Dan Arnold who owns this brand name. He emailed me asking if I’d try his seasonings and give him an honest review for them. I thought this would be kind of cool since I hadn’t reviewed any products out of Texas yet. When I received the box in the mail I instantly liked the company. Any company who puts a label on the box that says in big bold print “HOOCHIE Mama” has got to be pretty good.

As soon as I opened the box I could tell that the items came from Texas. Most of the items I review come in a small 8 ounce bottle. The bottles I pulled out of the box were much larger then that. There were four products in the box and each one had its own mild, yet distinct aroma to it. The names for each were pretty distinct in themselves. They sent me some HOOCHIE Mama BBQ Rub, Campfire Steak Seasoning, HOG WALLER Pork & Rib Rub, and some TEXAS GOLD DUST All Purpose Seasoning.

I’ve used all of these products and have had success with each one. I truly enjoyed three out of the four items. The Gold Dust was not what I expected though. It has a nice smell and a mild taste in a finger test. It is an okay product for being an “All Purpose” seasoning but in my opinion isn’t up to par with the other three. It just didn’t have a “go back for more” kind of effect on me.

I liked the Hog Waller on pulled pork and ribs. As a matter of fact, I smoked up some baby backs with this product and at the same time I did the same amount of racks and used the same procedure and times using some Hoochie Mama too. Both of these rubs could be used in competition. I was somewhat impressed with the results and the different flavors. I read the labels and they are very different but I think anyone who was to use either of these rubs would do well both in a contest or at home. The Hoochie Mama would be my contest choice only because I like a little more kick in my foods.

The most impressive product in my mind is definitely the Campfire Steak Seasoning and I will surely be going back for more. I will be using this in competition with no questions asked. I was seriously impressed with the flavor and aroma this product gives. When I sliced the brisket that I used it on the juices just flowed all over my fingers and this was one time that I stopped what I was doing and licked my fingers. Boy oh boy that was good. I washed my hands and finished cutting enough slices for dinner but and remnants that were left on the serving plate were not there long. I know now why they say people from Texas know how to cook brisket. After dinner I pulled the rest so I could make some stew. I made the stew the next day and oh my goodness it turned out great.

I used this product on some other beef dishes and each one was just as good as the first time I used it. I was really impressed each time I used it. So, now we have some brisket stew in our freezer as well as pulled pork with Hog Waller right beside it. The best part is that I still have some of each product to use as we progress thru the year. I’m so glad that everything that comes from Texas is big. Those big bottles of seasoning they sent me will last for a while.

Please visit www.SuckleBusters.com to order these products. They are certainly worth your time and cash. You’ll love the choices they provide for your pantry. I know I’ve got some new staples for mine. I give these products as a group 4 out of 5 smiley faces.

         As always, if you have a product (condiments, accessories, smokers, grills, etc.) you’d like me to test and write a review for, feel free to contact me via email at RedTodd@comcast.net and see how many times your product can make me smile.