Texas GunPowder Original Jalapeno Powder 2.75 oz

Jalapeno Powder
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Pure ground jalapeno powder. Texas GunPowder is the best selling spicy seasoning in Texas!

Texas GunPowder Original Seasoning is pure ground jalapeno peppers. We are very proud to offer the Original (green jalapenos) Texas GunPowder. This product has been popular since the 80's when it was first introduced in Mesquite Texas. There have been many folks copy this recipe but there is only one Original and this is it! Original recipe, pure ground green jalapeno powder. Texas gunpowder has a spicy-sweet flavor. Add to any food or use in place of black pepper, but watch out - IT'S HOT! Equal to 5,000 scoville units and like all SuckleBusters products - No Bad Stuff!

Ingredients: Pure ground jalapeno powder. NO MSG. Naturally Gluten Free.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jeff@logullo.com
03/16/2016 - 12:36:12 PM
It's back!!!
Wow, am I happy to have found Texas Gunpowder once again. There is NO BETTER WAY to add a little heat to a bowl of chili than a sprinkle of Texas Gunpowder.

It's been a few YEARS since my last bottle ran out... it's so nice to have on hand once again! There is nothing quite like it!
Reviewed by tex_toby@yahoo.com
tex_toby@yahoo.com bought "Texas GunPowder Original Jalapeno Powder 2.75 oz" on our website
08/27/2015 - 04:12:04 PM
Perfect for any pepper-head!
I love jalapenos and use this on everything like some people use salt/pepper. I especially like it when I cook a pot of pinto beans. My wife doesn't like me to cook jalapenos in our beans, but I can put a dash of Sucklebusters Gun Powder in my personal bowl and it makes them just like I like them. Getcha'sum!
Reviewed by TexasDez
10/03/2014 - 07:07:52 AM
Love Texas Gun Powder!
We love Texas Gun Powder.
Reviewed by KellyB
10/03/2014 - 06:54:07 AM
Thanks for bringing it back!
We have been looking for Texas GunPowder and were thrilled to find it here. Texas GunPowder is the best on everything, Thank you Suckle Busters!

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