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Clucker Dust BBQ Rub is made for grilling or BBQing smoking chicken and turkey. It was chosen by our customers as their favorite rub for yard bird. The rub has a medium kick of heat provided by the chipotle peppers. The peppers also lend a nice smoky flavor and aroma right out of the bottle. It is very sweet and medium spicy. Although is is made for chicken, the flavor profile lends itself to any type of BBQ meat. The great thing about Clucker Dust is that is is ready to go right out of the bottle, just sprinkle it on and start grilling. Used by competition cooks and back yard BBQers. 

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Chile Peppers, Chipotle Powder, Spices and Silica. NO MSG. Naturally Gluten Free.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by bigjohn
11/08/2015 - 10:41:47 AM
Award winning Rub
A well great rub for use on chicken that is baked, grilled or smoking award winning competition BBQ.
Reviewed by leeuga@bellsouth.net
08/27/2015 - 04:48:33 PM
Great on chicken
Really good rub
Reviewed by tex_toby@yahoo.com
08/27/2015 - 03:58:16 PM
Sucklebusters Clucker Dust
Every chicken's fate should be met with a dash of Clucker Dust. Full of flavor and a bit of heat. Great!
Reviewed by Cindy67
10/04/2014 - 08:07:22 AM
Competition chicken
you suckered me into that chicken rub when i got a sample of it last order. Used it twice in competition and hit 2nd and 4th. good stuff thanks!
Reviewed by JamesS
10/02/2014 - 12:33:00 PM
Best chicken rub so far
This is the best rub we have tried on grilled chicken so far - not too spicy and sweet. It was a hit with the family.

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